YachtingToday.TV is a cutting-edge online yachting magazine that combines powerful editorial content with interactive video and a comprehensive photographic library.

Unencumbered by word and page counts, as well as limitations on photography, our stories are hands-on the wheel and deal with the nuts and bolts of this fascinating industry and the extraordinary lifestyle that we all so enjoy.

We not only take a point of view about significant happenings in the marine industry but will provide high level entertainment value with a combination of international marine news, industry profiles, celebrity interviews, culinary arts, equipment and maintenance features, the latest in high-tech electronics, helpful hints, on-location coverage of yacht shows around the world, plus travel destinations to ports of call both familiar and ‘off the shipping lanes’.

We’ll present relevant material for buyers and owners, yacht captains and crew, short and long distance cruisers, performance enthusiasts, and for the horizon-chasing sportsman. In addition, our veteran industry correspondents have access to exclusive interviews as we grill industry leaders one minute – and freshly caught mahi-mahi the next! News, Lifestyles, Destinations, and more…. If it’s worth our attention, it’s most definitely going to interest our viewers.

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