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A boat has been described as a fiberglass lined hole in the ocean ... into which you can pour money.

West Marine can make that boat safer, prettier, and more fun.



Be safe. Be seen.

AIS (the Automatic Identification System) is the latest advance in digital navigation, combining digital VHF radio with GPS navigation.

Use your VHF on your boat or on land with VHF and FRS capability!

Packed with all the features of the VHF150, the VHF250 takes you to the next level of VHF technology and performance. The versatile VHF250 makes it just as easy to communicate from ship to shore as from ship to ship with FRS transceiver capabilities. And with AM, FM and aircraft band reception you can listen to AM or FM radio stations or aircraft band transmissions, including emergency locator beacon signals.

The West Marine Fisherman's Multi-Tool

Designed with angler-specific tools including a straight-edge blade, fish scaler, compound leverage pliers and more. Made of stainless steel and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Rope/Chain Anchor Rode Packages for Windlasses

Now you can get a rode package customized for the rope/chain gypsy on your windlass without the customized price!

Packages include Acco High-Test chain and West Marine's Premium Three-Strand Anchor Line, joined with a strong, low-profile rope-to-chain splice. Our tests show that a proper rope-to-chain splice retains about 95% of the strength of the unspliced line, so you can feel comfortable using a splice instead of a shackle, as long as you check the splice regularly for chafe.