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In this section we present some of the best FREE tech solutions to help you stay on top of your technology needs.

Are you getting the most from your ISP?

Is your computer slow when you surf or view videos online? Maybe your Internet service provider is not delivery the speed they promised.

Your ISP might not be to blame as there are a lots of reasons for slow connections. Regardless, you should check your speed at SpeedTest.net

There is also an App for iPhones

Computer Programs

Want all the great program but the budget is a little tight?

Try our list of favorite FREE computer programs to help you stretch your pocketbook a little further.

Browsers, PDF readers, anti-virus protections and more.


Visit the future! TED is an organization that promotes innovation and shares the knowledge from some of the world's most inspired thinkers. The topics cover a wide range of subjects, but be warned ... you may spend hours viewing these incredible and awe inspiring presentations.


Get E- Books and music FREE at Project Gutenberg

E-books are the becoming very popular but you don't always have to pay for content. Project Gutenberg has over 100,000 titles for free.

They also offer audio books which you can legally download to your computer, music player or smartphone. The books are available in many languages.

Music lovers will enjoy the free music along with pictures and video.

BBC Documentaries

Long days away from home on the water doesn't mean you have to stay out of touch. The BBC has audio documentaries that you can download or listen to online with many fascinating topics from around the globe presented daily.


Make the Text Bigger

It seems the older we get the smaller the text gets. Nope, just our eyes aren't as good as we age.

But there is an easy solution. Your computer has very quick shortcuts to help Zoom in and out.

Press Ctrl and "+" to make the page bigger, or hold the Ctrl key as you scroll the mouse wheel.
To make the text smaller  press Ctrl and "–". Then pressing Ctrl "0", to go back to the original size.

Virtual Magnifying Glass

If you are having difficulty reading the small print on your laptop or smart phone, use this utility to increase the text size. Virtual Magnifying Glass is a full-featured screen magnifying glass that allows you to zoom in on an area of the screen for better readability.